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Visselblåsarsystem på ramavtal

28 april, 2021

Offentliga verksamheter lägger ofta mycket tid och kraft på att sätta sig in i komplexa frågor för att kunna ställa relevanta krav vid upphandlingar. Trots att kostnaden för ett visselblåsarsystem i praktiken är ganska låg. Många missar att man kan …

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Whistleblower awarded for exposing corruption within the fishing industry

26 april, 2021

As head of the fishing company Samherji, Jóhannes Stefánsson understood that the company was involved in widespread corruption linked to fishing quotas in Namibia. He left the company in protest and then came to expose the misconduct within his …

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Variations in implementation of EU Directive

14 april, 2021

The implementation of the EU Whistleblower Directive differs somewhat between countries. An example is which cases can be reported with the protection of the law. As the directive stands, it is up to the countries to decide whether the whistleblower …

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Long road ahead to implement EU Directive

7 april, 2021

In December this year, the new EU directive on whistleblowing will be implemented in national legislation within the Union. However, many countries are lagging behind in the work. In February this year, two-thirds of all EU countries had either not …

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