Variations in implementation of EU Directive

14 april, 2021

The implementation of the EU Whistleblower Directive differs somewhat between countries. An example is which cases can be reported with the protection of the law. As the directive stands, it is up to the countries to decide whether the whistleblower should be protected if a case concerns violations of national law.

The Czech Republic, Denmark and Sweden stand out with relatively broad definitions of where the protection should apply, as violations of national legislation are included. Sweden has also gone even further and includes cases where it is in the public interest for the information to come out.

Estonia and Latvia choose a different path and define examples in a list. In other countries, such as Germany and Finland, the question of the limitations is still being debated.

How the rules will be applied to organizations operating in several national markets is not entirely clear and something we have reason to return to on the Lantero blog.

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