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Comment from SIS on new whistleblowing standard

31 augusti, 2021

In an interview in Dagens Nyheter (Swedish), Project Manager Tina Bohlin talks about the new whistleblower standard and what significance it may have in relation to the new legislation in the area. Tina Bohlin talks about the international …

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Majority of Swedish Regional Authorities lack whistleblower systems

16 augusti, 2021

Swedish medical industry daily newspaper Dagens Medicin acknowledges the lack of whistleblower systems in a majority of the Regional Authorities. The article (Swedish) mentions the upcoming EU legislation, making such systems mandatory. 

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New international standard for whistleblower systems

11 augusti, 2021

There is a new international standard for whistleblower systems, ISO 37002: 2021 . The standard is a guidance and will be handy as the new whistleblower EU legislation comes into force at the end of the year.  National committees have …

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Good to know about whistleblowing

29 juni, 2021

The new law on whistleblowing is coming soon. The interest is great, and the questions are many.  What should you as a corporate leader  do to comply with the law and get the greatest possible business impact. …

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